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Turbo Jonez and Dai Llewellyn met whilst serving 20 hours community service……..

Turbo Jonez and Dai Llewellyn met whilst serving 20 hours community service each for crimes they did not commit. A classic case of triumph over adversity they formed a breakdance crew. Tired of witnessing gang violence, day in, day out, on TV from America, they decided to go out instead and dance. Which they did. In Cardiff! Quickly ridiculed and pelted with sausage rolls, they left their hometown never to return.

The tireless journey searching for crews to battle in shopping centres or shopping ‘malls’ up and down the UK has only served to perfect their windmills.

It’s 2 friends, 1 well bad ghetto, some lino off Turbo’s ma’s kitchen and a soundtrack which has grown men jerking and twitching within a hundred yards earshot. So throw up your gang signs for Sugar Hill, Melle Mel, NNNineteen and one for the ladies, soft and sensual, last chances to dances, Sade, Your love is king.

Holds exceptionally large audiences for a walkabout act. Extremely funny and the beating heart of Reckless Invention with their craving for unique, demanding physical comedy with high production values.

Available as breakdancing santas, of course! Also, warm up those hamstrings for Turbo & Dai as they represent Wales in the 2012 Olympics as the Welsh Olympic Breakdancing Team.


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