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Venetian Masquerade Decor and Props ……..

Nothing compares to the elegance and grandeur of a Venetian Masquerade Ball. At a Theme-works event, you will be whisked back in time to the 17th Century, right into the heart of Venetian culture and fashion. Decadent wall masks and epic medieval paintings combine beautifully with wisps of burlesque boas and long feather fans. Here lies the ultimate playground of elusive mystery, mischief and intrigue. Subtle nuances of classical music will lead you to a crescendo of live opera singers and masked dancers; getting you into the carnival spirit. While magicians turn their hands to mind-bending illusions, you can find your feet with traditional period dance routines. As the party tempo continues to rise and the confetti canons are launched, you will let yourself go; ‘unmasked’ amidst a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and timeless sounds…

Giant masks

Venetian bridge and gondola

Venetian fountain, balustrade and columns

Ornate topiary trees

Baroque mirrors

Antique bird cages

Large urns with ivy

Venus de Milo statue

Candelabra table centres

Black and white dance floor

White voile draping with fairylights


Smoke machine

Opera singer


Chair covers and sashes

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