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‘The Wandering Stars’ are a high tech, future retro, cluster of timeless beings, beamed down from above for your entertainment and amazement. They will walk amongst you, towering above you and engage you with their ethereal light presence.

Completely original in concept and design, these cluster of stilt walking stars will light up any event, inside and out. Choose from a simple white light inside the stars to keep things elegant, or go for a more attention grabbing, party vibe, with the stars programmed to change colours at various speeds.

The Spaceman is optional for Space Themed events.

Technical Specifications

The inflatable star packs, worn by each performer, contain RGB LEDS that can be programmed to change colour, and flash on and off with varying speeds and intensity.
A white light option is also possible, if you prefer this simple aesthetic.

The stars also look great in the daylight, as pure white beings with a very geometric shape.
The Wandering Stars perform up to 3 x 30-minute sets.
These interactive, walk about characters perform on 1m high stilts.
The Stars can meet and greet your guests, roam around large outdoor spaces, or get your party started on the dance floor.
The covering for the Stilt Legs are also available in black, to create the illusion that the characters are floating, if performing in a dark space.
The cast of performers are interchangeable.

There are a total of 5 Stilt Walking Stars and 1 Space Man.


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Previous Clients:

The Wandering Stars are new so have only performed for the 'All Together Now' Festival in Ireland and the 'Hayward Gallery Art Night' on the Southbank London

Zero Central clients include, Elton John, Damien Hirst, Harvey Nichols, Smirnoff, Money 2020, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Circo, Ladies College Jersey.

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