• White Tiger - Body Painted Animal
  • White Tiger - Body Painted Animal
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  • White Tiger - Body Painted Animal

White Tiger – Body Painted Animal human who performs live.

Half Man – Half Animal… Humanimal – a highly visual Walkabout Act will bring the “Wild” dimension to your Event. A wide variety of realistic animal characters are available to chose from: Big Cats, Dogs, Horses, Antelopes, Deer, Bull, Unicorn and even a Rabbit.

The Performer is 6’2″ tall, with a very athletic and defined physique.

He will depict the Humanimal of your choice either with full bodypaint, painted by the most talented bodypainters in the Business, or wearing the full tailor-made bodysuits.

Both options include the prosthetics, applied and blended with the designs of the suits or paints to ensure the chosen Humanimal looks complete.

All these animals are amazing recreations of the original, painted with astounding attention to detail.

This undeniably unique act is guaranteed to turn heads, no matter what the occasion so use Humanimal to show the wild side of your event, conference, opening or launch.

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