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Winter Wonderland Decor and Props……..

Enter into the idyllic scenes of a Winter Wonderland amidst life-sized props of polar bears, penguins, reindeer and snowmen. Dramatic lighting effects set against spectacular winter backdrops create subtle changes in atmosphere; drawing you into the warm glows of Christmas whilst giving you a hint of that chill factor. You can choose from joyful festive choirs to fill the air with choruses of Christmas Carols or enjoy a repertoire of jazz, opera or contemporary singers to suit your individual style. From cool, sophisticated centre pieces that stir the imagination to warm culinary delights that tingle the tastebuds; all is beautifully put together to capture the true spirit of Christmas…

North Pole entrance


Life-sized polar bear

Life-sized Reindeer

Life-sized penguins

Ice DJ booth

Ice pond


Glittered twig trees

Snow covered Christmas trees

Giant martini glass tables centres filled with snow balls

Ice white dance floor

White and ice blue chair covers and sashes

Winter scene backdrop


Icicle and snowflake ceiling hangers

White voile draping with fairy lights

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