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This international entertainer has been performing for many years.

His Bubble Show is an interactive performance with clowning, magic and style.
Playing with the bubbles and the audience, Zanzibar performs tricks with soap and water. As the bubbles get bigger everybody gets involved and the shows often ended with an air fight!

Also available as a walk about or pass by act. The show stops when Zzi runs out of soap!


Technical Specifications

Bubble Show Requirements for local shows (not walkabouts)
1. Should the performance be inside or on any kind of shiny or polished floor, we may need a carpeted area to perform on of suggested size 4x4 m, with a minimum 2 x 3m. Carpet will not be required on concrete or grass. Cord carpet will suffice.
They can in some occasions provide these.
2. If microphone is required – a clip on the microphone is preferred. Headset as 2nd choice  and freestanding microphone on microphone stand 3rd.
3.Plenty of drinking water to be made available.
4.Please provide a small table, ideally a tall roundtable as might be found in a bar.
5.If venue is air- conditioned please let us know.

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